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Clubhouse Solutions offers a wide-range of LED and LCD mounting solutions, for any small- or large-project. During our consultation visit we will locate the space in which you wish to have a wall mounted TV. Mounting hardware is determine based on the type of activities will occur in the room or space. It is that simple!
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What does a projector system cost?

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What is the difference between a LCD, DLP, and LCoS office projector?

Why are their so many choices? We pick the right one for your solution.

LCD Office Projector

DLP uses tiny mirrors to reflect light toward the screen. Most models use a color wheel which is literally a a spinning wheel with color filters. Some high-end DLP projectors use three DLP chips.

LCD Office Projector

Uses similar technology used in LCD TVs. LCD projectors use three liquid crystal panels; each tasked with creating an image using one of the three primary colors (red, green, and blue). All three images are projected at the screen at once, so you see a full color image.


Is essentially a hybrid of both the DLP and LCD projector. It uses liquid crystal chips with a mirrored backing. So they’re reflective, like DLP, but block light using liquid crystal, like LCDs.
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Manual or Electric Projector Screen?

Manual Projection Screen

The manual projection screen is just as it sounds. One must pull down the screen in order to use the projector. If aesthetics are a concern, this is not the projection screen for you.

Electric Projection Screen

The electric projection screen is just as it sounds. With a press of a button the screen rolls down. Go further with automation. Press a button and the projector turns on as the projector rolls down to the optimum height.
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