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Camouflage Speakers

When you add a relaxation atmosphere to your business, customers seeing the speakers may not be the best method. Hiding the speakers in flower beds or inconspicuous locations however is ideal.

Outdoor Speakers

Relaxing customers in an outdoor environment is just as important as relaxing customers in an indoor environment. Being waterproof, they can be installed virtually anywhere. Great locations for  outdoor speakers include malls, bars, patios, etc.

Natural Rock Speaker

Popular landscape rock speaker for backyards, pools and gardens. Part of the fun is disguising the speakers so choose a color that best matches your landscape and place the speakers where a natural rock would be found. Typical locations for the rock speakers include rock formations for barriers around pools, ponds and spas or bordering a garden and even as an accent in flower gardens.

What is the cost of outdoor speakers?

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Outdoor Home Sound System
Outdoor Office Sound System

What is PANDORA for business?

Pandora is simple, personalized and fully licensed for commercial use.


Playing music over speakers for customers is considered commercial use and requires proper licensing.s.


Affordable monthly service. No long-term contract required.


Access to all Pandora artists, tracks, and genres, including seasonal offerings. Unlimited music streaming with no ads, interruptions, or time outs.

What are the added benefits of adding speakers to your business?

Speakers are not just for the theater or the home anymore. Speakers are great for the outdoor patio of a restaurant, waiting rooms of a doctors office, employee work and break rooms. Best of all, they can be configured to match your businesses needs.
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