Where to buy makeup

The best places
Target Logo

Target is the eight-largest retailer in American retail corporation. They sell drugstore makeup, skincare, and hair. Their selection in store depends on location, some have more than others. Their online selection though, has thousands of products to choose from and they are all affordable.

Ulta Logo

Ulta is an American chain of beauty stores. It has drugstore and prestige expensive makeup, hair, and skincare. They offer a loyalty program with three status level. Each level has different benefits. The lowest level gives 1 point per $1 spent and a free birthday gift. Platinum is achieved by spending $500 is one year and gives 1.25 points per $1 spent, a birthday gift, a 10 dollars off birthday coupon, exclusive access to products and the points never expire. Diamond is the highest level and is achieved after spending $1200 a year and gives 1.50 points per $1 as well with all the mentioned benefits for platinum. There’s an additional free gift, $25 dollars off service coupon, and free shipping at $25. The points are used to take off cash amount on a future purchase. A great program that gives incentive to guests.

Sephora Logo

Sephora is a French multinational retailer of makeup, skincare, and perfume. They feature almost 3,000 brands. Great amount of in store collection and online is even better. Its a great place shop for the prestige makeup not sold at the other stores. They offer a loyalty program as well. The first level, Beauty Insider allows a free birthday gift, access to coupons, and points. The second level VIB a guest must spend $350 in a year. The benefits are the same as Beauty Insider but now include special gifts. The highest level is Rouge a guest must spend $1000 in a year. The benefits are the same as the others but includes free shipping, exclusive events, rouge reward, and first access to products. The points are used to redeem a certain sample product, it changes constantly so gifts are different. 

Sephora Deals

The best deals to look for when shopping at Sephora

Sephora Savings Event

Twice a year there is a beauty savings event. Rouge gets 20% off, VIB gets 15% off, and Beauty Insider gets 10% off. That tends to be the best offering they have all year.

black friday deals

Black Friday is a great time for deals. Not everything is on sale, but a selection bunch of items go on sale. Its a great time to try different products or grab an item you’ve been wanting.

presidents day sale

Presidents day sale is the last big one they offer. It the same as Black Friday sale, but different products.

Ulta Deals

The best deals to look for when shopping at Ulta

Ulta 20% off coupon

The 20% off coupon is the best deal out there. It used to be more frequent before Covid but now it has calmed down a lot. There is always one before the holidays though. It works on everything in store and can get some great deals that way. Keep an eye out throughout the year for other coupons as well. There usually always a $3.50 off $15 of drugstore items.

Ulta 21 days of beauty

21 days of beauty is one of the best deals. There’s a few types of these events throughout the year. There’s a prestige makeup, drugstore makeup, skincare, and hair event. These offer 50% off of certain products daily for 21 days. Its a great way to stock up on some favorites and try something new.

black friday

Black Friday like all stores is another good one. Their flyer usually has a great selection to choose from and some products are only available during that time as well. They tend to send out coupons around this time too for even more savings. 

Target Deals

The best deals to look for when shopping at Target

Red card

5% off with every purchase using your red card! This one of the incentives of having a red card, it can be used everyday no matter the price of an item. Its not much, but a little savings goes a long way. 

Target Giftcard WIth Dog

Spend ___ get a ___ gift card deals. These happen a bunch of times throughout the year. Make sure to check the flyer each Sunday to see what deals are happening. The most I’ve seen has been spend $30 get a $10 dollar giftcard.


Cartwheel savings! Cartwheel is a coupon base within the Target app. There’s coupons for everything and change out constantly. There’s either money off or a percentage off certain brands and/or products. It works with the red card as well. It’s a great deal! Just got to be on the lookout.

money savings jar

Overall in my opinion, Sephora doesn’t offer the best deals. Its a very expensive place to shop, and their loyalty system isn’t that great. 100 points is the lowest to redeem an item is. So 100 dollars for a free gift that is basically so small ants could use it. Whereas Ulta $100 dollars spend means 100 points which equals $3.00 off any purchase. Target is best when there’s a coupon for maximum savings, there’s lot of makeup sales throughout the year, so best to always pay attention. If I need a product quick however, I tend to go to Target since the items are usually 1 – 3 dollars cheaper than Ulta.

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